AIX系统中用户试图登录的最大尝试次数为3,也就是说如果3次输入了错误的密码,那么非常抱歉,这个用户会被锁住。 1. 解锁的办法: $sudo su – #smit System Management Move cursor to desired item and press Enter. Software Installation and Maintenance Software License Management Devices System Storage Management (Physical & Logical Storage) Security & Users Communications Applications and Services Print Spooling Advanced Accounting Problem Determination Manage the PKCS11 subsystem Performance & Resource Scheduling System Environments Processes & Subsystems Applications Installation Assistant Cluster Systems Management Using SMIT (information only) F1=Help                           F2=Refresh                         F3=Cancel                          Esc+8=Image Esc+9=Shell                       Esc+0=Exit                         Enter=Do "Security & Users "-> "Users "-> "Reset User’s Failed Login Count" 输入用户名 Reset User’s Failed Login Count Type or select values in entry fields. Press Enter AFTER making all desired changes. [Entry Fields] * User NAME                                          []                                                                                 + #su – db2inst2 输入新的密码 2. 如果想继续沿用已经使用过的密码 $ su – db2inst2 db2inst2’s Password: [compat]: 3004-610 You are required to change your password. Please choose a new one #smit user Users Move cursor to desired item and press Enter. Add a User Change a User’s Password Change / Show Characteristics of a User Lock / Unlock a User’s Account Reset User’s Failed Login Count Remove a User List All Users 将下面的值设为0 Number of FAILED LOGINS before                     [0]

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  1. 第一句”$sudo su -“…sudo和su…放在一起用?

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    恩是啊 Linux / AIX/ Sol都可以这么用

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