DB2 Server Mgmt

1. Server, instance & database


2. Instance creation, drop and listing

db2icrt instance_name [ linux: db2icrt -ufenced_user_ID instance_name ]
db2idrop -f instance_name
db2 get instance

3. Configuration param

db2set -lr
db2set registry_variable= value [ eg: db2set DB2COMM=TCPIP ]
db2set -all

Instance level : attach to instance

db2 get dbm cfg

db2 update dbm cfg using parameter new_value immediate/deferred

Database level: connect to db_name

db2 get db cfg for db_name

db2 update db cfg for database_name using parameter new_value immediate/deferred

4. Applications

force application all
db2stop force / db2start
list applications
force application (8)

5. Ensure the SERVER is ready to accept remote connections

byfollowing these THREEsteps:
(1).update SVCENAME (service name) parameter in DBM CFG
Example:update dbm cfg using svcename db2cdb2inst1
(2).update services with the service name and port number
–UNIX: /etc/services
Example: db2cdb2inst1 50000/tcp
(3).Enable applicable communication protocol(s) in DB2 registry
Example:db2set DB2COMM=TCPIP

5. Retrieve directory

db2 list node directory

db2 list database directory

6. 连接远程数据库命令

uncatalog node MGT

uncatalog db PRJMGT

db2 catalog tcpip node MGT remote server 50000

list node directory

attach to MGT user db2admin using password

db2 catalog db PRJMGT as PRJMGT at node MGT

list db directory

connect to PRJMGT user db2admin using password

list tables

利用图形界面要填写service name 此变量一般SVCENAME=db2c_DB2

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